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Messianic Mo'adiym Devotional

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Messianic Jewish Devotionals for Israel's Annual Feasts, Fasts and Appointed Times

The Feasts of the Lord will come alive like never before as you journey through Israel's annual appointed times with the Messianic Mo'adiym Devotional. This companion volume to the popular Messianic Daily Devotional contains insightful and uplifting devotionals from a Messianic Jewish perspective, designed specifically to be read during the yearly Mo'adiym as found in Leviticus 23 (one devotional for each day of every feast, including all 49 days of the Omer). Also included is a special, extended teaching that introduces you to God's appointed times, offering a fresh approach that lays the foundation for a unique and life-changing devotional experience. Enter into the fullness of these designated seasons with Messianic Jewish teacher and author Kevin Geoffrey, as he draws out the inherent themes found in each appointed time... deep truths that will lead us into a life of maturity, as we grow in devotion to our Master, the Messiah Yeshua. (Available option: 2-Year Bookmark Calendar for Mo'adiym Devotional)

Contains introductory teaching material for all of God's appointed times, plus 68 devotionals for:

  • Chag haPesach (Feast of Passover)
    1 devotional
  • Chag haMatzah (Feast of Unleavened Bread)
    7 devotionals
  • S'fiyrat meOmer (Counting from the "Firstfruits")
    49 devotionals
  • Chag haShavuot (Feast of Weeks)
    1 devotional
  • Zik'ron T'ruah ("Feast of Trumpets")
    1 devotional
  • Yom haKipuriym (Day of the Atonements)
    1 devotional
  • Chag haSukot (Feast of Tabernacles)
    7 devotionals
  • Yom haSh'miyniy 'Atzaret (Eighth Day Assembly)
    1 devotional
Paperback: 192 pages; ISBN: 0-9785504-1-2

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