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The Messianic Jewish Movement Series (12-part MP3 Download)

$99.95  $39.95
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This is the MP3 instant download version of the CD series by the same name.

Is Messianic Judaism really a valid move of God? Are believers in Messiah required to obey the Law of Moses (Torah)? Does Christianity actually have Jewish roots? Do Gentile believers have a place in the Messianic Jewish movement? These are just a few of the important questions we explore in our encouraging and challenging Preparing the Way audio teaching series, "The Messianic Jewish Movement." This series unashamedly proclaim the importance and validity of Messianic Jewish covenantal identity, while also challenging Messianic Jews and the Gentiles who sojourn with them to come into their fullness of vision and maturity. "The Messianic Jewish Movement" focuses on issues of direct relevance to the Messianic Jewish Movement, offering a timely, fresh, clarifying voice concerning the future of the movement.

Almost 12 hours of instruction! Download packages also include study notes in PDF format. The series contains all of the following teachings (click titles to view descriptions and additional info):

What Is Messianic Judaism?:  

The Scriptures:  


The Art of Anti-Assimilation:  

Fulfilling Messiah's Torah:  

"Too Jewish!":  

How We Relate to Judaism and Christianity:  

The Apostate Church?:  

Judaism—The True Religion?:  

The Gentile Believer in a Jewish Movement:  

Jew & Gentile—Fellow Citizens:  

Paradigm Shift:  


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