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Signs & Seasons (12-Disc CD Set)

$99.95  $49.95
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This is the CD version of the MP3 instant download series by the same name (only $39.95).

A Scriptural Exploration of Israel's Calendar from a Messianic Jewish Perspective

In traditional Judaism, Israel's holy days form the basis of the religious calendar; for a growing number of Christians and Messianics, they are primarily the template for Yeshua's prophetic fulfillment. But what do the Scriptures really say about the Feasts of Adonai? Signs & Seasons challenges centuries of traditional perspectives and assumptions about Israel's calendar, restoring its proper covenantal, Scriptural context, and reframing its Messianic foreshadowing and inherent discipleship traits. You will be stunned by what you didn't know—and thought you knew—about Adonai's appointed times. Embark on an eye-opening expedition with Messianic Jewish author and teacher Kevin Geoffrey as he expertly guides you through the Scripture's simple teachings about Israel's calendar.

This 12-part CD series contains all of the following teachings (click to view descriptions):

The series comes in two attractive 6-disc CD holders, similar to illustration above, suitable for bookshelf display. (12 discs, nearly 11 ½ hours of instruction)

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