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The Real Story of Chanukah (Book)

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What if Chanukah is more than just candles and presents? What if it isn't really the memorial of a miracle? What if the real Chanukah story is actually a rallying cry for the Jewish people, and a graphic exhortation to all who have dedicated their lives to serve the Messiah Yeshua?


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The Real Story of Chanukah traces the ancient historical accounts of Israel's willful assimilation and apostasy, and reveals how a few faithful Jews refused to abandon Adonai and His Torah. You will learn about the Jewish people's history as an oppressed and rebellious nation, while being inspired toward an uncompromising zeal for God by the astounding example of Israel's everyday heroes.

Join Messianic Jewish author and teacher Kevin Geoffrey as he restores the revolutionary message of this annual Jewish holiday, and passionately reframes it as an encouraging admonition for every single day of the year. May we—both the sons of Israel, and the whole Body of Messiah—be as dedicated to God as His devoted Chanukah defenders... dedicated even to the death.

(Includes extensive notes, thoughtful exploration of relevant Scripture passages, and an appendix addressing the modern, practical observance of Hanukkah from a Messianic Jewish perspective.)

The Real Story of Chanukah is part of the Preparing the Way InPrint Series.

Paperback: 108 pages. ISBN 978-0-9785504-8-6

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