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Messianic Daily Devotional

$16.99  $12.95
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Words can't even begin to express how this devotional has touched the lives of our family. The daily messages go to your soul, and you know that Kevin and his family have most definitely been anointed for this work. We bought 10 extra copies and have allowed The Almighty to guide us to where there are needed most, for we know that it will be as much of a blessing to them as it has been for us.

This book is a MUST HAVE for the serious student of not only the Word, but of your relationship to the Creator of all things and His Son, Yeshua. This devotional is not ear candy like many devotionals I have read before. There are no catchy phrases or one-liners, but serious reflections and gut-checks of who you are in Yeshua, and where you stand in your relationship with Elohim. You will want extra copies of this book to hand out. . . May YHVH Bless you and keep you as you spend time and devotion to Him!!
Date Added: 11/02/2007 by Aaron Lolar

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